An online conference was held on November 27, 2021, led by the head of the ՛՛French Luys Association՛՛ Levon Khachatryan. Representatives of different countries took part in the meeting.In particular, from France were present Levon Khachatryan- the president of the organization; Corinne Mare Duguer-vice president, Levon Doursounian- vice- president, Lusine Movsisyan- secretary, Susanik Capkan-treasurer, Araxe Der-Gevorgyan- Member of the Board of Directors, Pierre Vahe KALAYDJIAN, Marilyne NODARIAN, Aram David BEDIC , Marina Petrossian/ Nice, France/, Pr Olivier CLARIS / Lion, France/, Gilles BADER/Marseille, France/, Hagop MELKONYAN/ Bordeau,France/ ;from Armenia- Armine Harutyunian ; from USA-Armine Nadiryan, Julietta Avagyan, Noune Yegiazarian, from Bulgaria- Arthur Hovhannisyan/chairman of the ‘’Union of Armenians in Europe’’/.

During the online meeting the president of the organization introduced the association, the financial support from the Association of Armenians in Europe, which covers the cost of transporting medical materials sent to Armenia and customs clearance procedures, as well as the collaboration with the American ‘‘Eye Care’’ association created by Richard Hovhannisyan, who has worked in Armenia for 30 years. The Eye Center in Gyumri is equipped by the “Eye Care” association and AMSFAR will send French surgeons to treat patients and train Armenian ophthalmologists there. Levon Khachatryan represented the educational project for 4 surgical specialties • Two Hospitals in Armenia are ready to welcome our expert trainers; Izmirlian Hospital in Yerevan and Gyumri Public Hospital • The 4 axes of intervention to which must be added the physiotherapeutic aspect

1. Ophthalmology

2. Orthopedics-Traumatology

3. Pediatrics – Neonatal

4. Visceral and urological surgery

Regarding the theoretical training there should be organized consultation with experts. Due to redevelopment work, this action will not begin before April 2022.  LK proposed to create an agenda of events concerning the association. The Union of Armenians in Europe organization in its place is looking forward to sign a memorandum with the “French Luys” association and expand the cooperation circles.